Shipping options

Clear shipping option on your listing helps the payment transaction go as smooth as possible.

If you're having issues with shipping, check out your options.

Sellers can edit, or add, shipping options at any time while the listing is live. Shipping options can’t be removed after bidding has begun, or a MQL is purchased. 

Pick up

There are three pick-up options you can choose:

  • Buyer must pick up: The auction winner has to collect the goods in person.  
  • Buyer can pick up: Usually offered alongside paid shipping options, this option means that the buyer has the choice of picking up the goods.
  • No pick-ups: If you don't want pick-ups and the buyer needs to select a paid shipping option.

Free shipping

If you offer free shipping, add it to your listing description as well as checking the 'Free shipping' box. Buyers are able to filter search results by free shipping only.

Basic shipping options

You can manually enter basic shipping options that include standard post, Track & Trace, as well as rural options.

Correctly specifying your shipping rates means the correct total is sent to the buyer as soon as the auction is won.

Book a courier

You can use our courier service to quote door-to-door delivery rates for your item. 

Check out the Book a courier details.

Combined shipping

You can offer buyers a better deal on shipping if they purchase a certain amount of goods from you. You'll need to add an option for this along with your standard shipping options – all you need to do is add a note in your listing descriptions to explain the criteria.

My Products users, you can set up an automatic deal for cart purchases.


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