Shipping options

Making your shipping options clear on your listing is important as helps buyers make an informed decision and makes the payment transaction go as smooth as possible.

Pick up

There are three pick-up options you can choose:

  • Buyer must pick up: If you use this option it means that the auction winner of your listing has to pick up the goods in person.  
  • Buyer can pick up: Usually offered alongside paid shipping options, selecting this option means that the buyer has the option of picking up the goods as per your notes on your listing.
  • No pick-ups: Select this option if you don't want pick-ups and the buyer needs to select a paid shipping option.


Free shipping

Buyers are able to filter their search results by free shipping only. If you offer free shipping, it’s a good idea to add this to your listing description as well as checking the 'Free shipping' box.

Basic shipping options

If you're charging for shipping, you can manually enter basic shipping options. This could include standard post, Track & Trace, as well as rural options.

Correctly specifying your shipping rates means the correct total is calculated and sent to the buyer as soon as the auction is won.

Note that checking the 'I don't know the shipping cost yet' box is not as popular with buyers.

‘Book a courier’

By selecting 'Book a courier' when creating your listing you can use our courier service (using Courier Post and Fastway) to quote door-to-door delivery rates for your item. When you list an item, use our calculator to work out the cost of shipping your item. You can then select a range of pricing options – 'Best price', 'CourierPost' or 'Fastway' and you'll be presented with a range of quotes. These will show as shipping options on your listing.

When the auction is won, if the buyer has selected a courier option, you can book the courier to collect your item from home.

Combined shipping

If you're wanting to offer combined shipping where buyers can get a better deal on shipping if they purchase a certain amount of goods from you, you'll need to add an option for this. For example, along with your standard shipping options, add on that says something like "Combining with another listing". Then, all you need to do is add a note in your listing descriptions to explain the criteria (how many items they need to purchase to use the combined option etc).

If you're a My Products user, you can also set up an automatic deal for cart purchases.

Drop shipping

Drop shipping is when a seller sells goods that they don’t have possession or ownership of. When the goods sell, the seller arranges them to be shipped to the buyer directly from the supplier. You can check out our policy on drop shipping by heading to this help page.

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