Shipping options

Clear shipping options on your listing helps the payment transaction go as smooth as possible.

If you're having issues with shipping, we can help.

If the reserve hasn't been met sellers can edit, or add, shipping options.

Pick up

  • Buyer must pick up
  • Buyer has the option to pick up
  • No pick-up

Standard shipping options

You can enter shipping costs for:

  • standard post
  • Track & Trace
  • rural options

Shipping rates will show on the listing, and be sent to the buyer as soon as the listing is won.

Free shipping

Buyers are able to filter search results by free shipping only.

Book a courier

Book a courier can be used to get door-to-door delivery rates for your item. 

Combined shipping

You can offer buyers a better deal on shipping if they purchase a certain amount of goods from you.


Check out our shipping options, and see what you can do if you're having issues with shipping.

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