Buyer Protection

If you buy a Marketplace item using Ping or Afterpay, and it doesn’t turn up, or isn't as described – Buyer Protection can refund you up to $2,500.*


How it works

1. Contact the seller

Sellers want to hold onto their good feedback, so most of them will sort out any problems. Contact the seller, let them know what's wrong, and work with them to sort things out.

2. Not resolved? We can help

If you can't sort things out with the seller, file a dispute report within 30 days of buying the item if:

  • the item hasn't been delivered by the seller ('non-delivery').
  • is materially different from what the seller described in the listing ('not as described').
  • has stopped functioning as it should within a reasonable timeframe ('faulty goods').

3. Getting a refund

Once a report has been filed, a Disputes Officer will pick up your case and review the details. They'll update you via email. If you meet the criteria and everything checks out under our policy, we can refund your purchase.

*Conditions apply. For more info, see our full Buyer Protection policy.


What information do I need to provide?

If you've talked to the seller (or you haven't heard back from them) and you've been unable to resolve the dispute, we'll ask for information so that we understand what has happened. In order to be eligible for a refund through Buyer Protection, we'll require you and the seller to:

  • Cooperate with us in good faith to help resolve the dispute or decide whether Buyer Protection applies.
  • Answer any questions we have about the trade between you and the seller in a timely manner.
  • Send us any correspondence that's relevant to the trade.
  • Send us any photos, evidence of purchase, receipts or other evidence that will help establish the nature and condition of the item, or whether it was delivered.


Where necessary, we may share some of your information with Afterpay to help resolve the dispute (see our privacy policy for more information).

We'll aim to process your Buyer Protection dispute as quickly as possible, but timeframes may depend on the complexity of the matter, the evidence available to us, and any enquiries we need to make.

How does money get refunded?

If we decide to refund you under Buyer Protection, your money will usually be returned to the source (either your card, bank account or Ping balance) used to purchase the item.

If this won't work (e.g. because your credit card has expired or your bank account has closed), we may determine the most appropriate way to get you your money back (including by deposit into your Ping balance). In this case, we may request your help to find the best solution for you.

Despite the above, if you purchased the item via Afterpay, we'll first confirm the refund with Afterpay. Afterpay will then pay you the refund, in accordance with Afterpay's terms, and this will be equal to the amount you have paid for the item to date. For example, if you've purchased a $100 item, but only made repayments of $50 to Afterpay, you'll only receive the $50 you've already paid. Afterpay will then ensure any remaining repayment obligations are cancelled.

When we've returned your money to you, we'll debit the seller's Ping balance or Pay Now & Afterpay account. If there's not enough money, under either the Ping terms and conditions or the Afterpay terms for Trade Me sellers, Trade Me may require the seller to pay Trade Me (and Trade Me reserves the right to refer the matter to a debt collector if the seller refuses to pay the debt).

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