Buyer Protection

If you buy a Marketplace item using Ping, Pay Now or Afterpay, and it doesn’t turn up, it’s not as it was described, or it's faulty – Buyer Protection can help.

How does it work?

Buyers and sellers are expected to try and resolve these issues together, in the first instance. 

As a buyer, if you’re unable to reach a resolution, you have 30 days from buying the item to make contact with us about: 

  • non deliveries 
  • not as described 
  • faulty goods – must be reported within a reasonable timeframe.

Make contact by
filing a dispute report.

We’ll consider your situation, and if you meet the below criteria and we believe your situation is appropriate, we’ll refund you:

  • the item hasn't been delivered by the seller ('non-delivery'),
  • is materially different from what the seller described in the listing ('not as described') or,
  • has stopped functioning as it should within a reasonable timeframe ('faulty goods').

For more info, check out our
Buyer Protection policy.


We'll show you the ins and outs of Buyer Protection.

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