Contacting the seller

If you successfully led the bidding and have won the auction (nice!), we'll send you the seller's email address so you can make contact with each other to complete the sale.

We recommend you and the seller touch base within a few days following the auction to arrange shipping or pick up, and to organise payment via one of the seller's preferred payment options

For large value transactions we recommend you take extra precautions to ensure the trade goes smoothly: 

  • Talk to the seller on the phone, to make sure they're a genuine trader.
  • Where possible pick the goods up otherwise insist the seller uses a track and trace courier.
  • Use a trackable payment method such as bank transfer or cheque - don't send cash in the mail.
  • Don't send money overseas using instant cash transfer services such as Western Union, BidPay, MoneyGrams or money orders as these are untraceable if it goes astray.


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