Problems receiving Trade Me emails

Not getting emails from us? We've got tips to help.

Illustration of an open envelope, conatining a letter.We know it's frustrating when important emails don't get to your inbox.

Check our troubleshooting tips, and get in touch with us if you're still not getting emails from us.

1. Junk/spam

Check your junk/spam folders – emails can sometimes end up there.

2. Email address

Make sure you have the correct email registered – from My Trade Me.

3. Email preferences

Check that you've enabled the right emails – from your email preferences and Favourites.

4. Add us to your contacts

Add these email addresses to your contacts or safe-sender list:

5. See if your inbox is full

Send yourself an email to check if your inbox might be full. Some email providers have limited storage. Most will let you know before you run out of space though.


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