Saved credit cards

Saved credit card details live in two places – your Trade Me account and Ping.

If you choose to save your card details, these will be encrypted and securely stored by Trade Me with our trusted payment partners. 

Changing or adding details

Trade Me Account 

To add or edit saved card details on your Trade Me Account, select 'Add credit' from My Trade Me.

Select 'Save these card details for next time' once you’ve topped up. These details will override any previously saved info.  


To add a card to Ping, select Manage Ping from My Trade Me. Select ‘Payment methods’, here you’ll see your current saved details. Select ‘Add credit or debit card’, enter your details and select ‘Save’.

Deleting details

Trade Me Account 

To remove saved details from your Trade Me account, select 'Add credit' from My Trade Me, on the desktop site. You’ll see your saved details displayed – select ‘delete this card’ to remove the details.


To delete saved details from Ping, select 'Manage Ping' from My Trade Me. Select 'Payment methods' – you'll see your saved card details with the option to delete them.

If you are using our apps, head to 'Account' and select 'Manage Ping'. Select 'Payment methods' and then select 'Edit', where you'll have the option to delete your saved details.


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