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    Yep , submitted already🤘🏻. Chur bro

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    Gud evening Callum. Found it, i click on "report this listing" link. Thanks very much guys.

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    Thanks Gary-NZStocked, i did read the instructions on that thread , but still couldnt figure out where is "Community Watch link" thing? Couldnt find when i log onto the app or in the web.

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    A member is ruining an auction by using Questions and Answers section. The implication of his statement is discouraging the prospect buyer or the watchers to not purchase just because he personally feels the realease date was ages ago, the price should be way way more cheaper. It is not always be the case that the product release is relevant to product price. The details of the product im selling is complete and the current condition the product are in photos. its the buyers discretion wether he buys it or not. The statement is similar to this " $$$ for an old product? C'mon man! " He p...