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    I created this post over a year ago , or thereabouts. Nice to see other people feel the same. I must admit , I only ever expected a reply of something along the lines of " Yeah, we agree , security is one of our top priorities". It was a bit of a shock to get the reply I did. I wonder how many votes/comments it takes before ideas are considered. I note though the post has been marked answered (an unacceptable answer, but answered none the less). Does that mean it's now not even considered? Jamie... Don't do that, we just need more people to up vote.

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    Hamish I'm sure the Trust and Safety Team work very hard, but come on , face it they are not going to be anywhere near as good as MFA. Sounds to me like someone in TM has decided they don't like\want MFA , and after working in IT for nearly 40 years I know the signs when this is the case. Don't tell me TM take security of our accounts (and money) seriously. Without MFA I plain just don't believe you.

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    Today's update email contains a discussion about Cert NZ's Cyber Smart Week. Which talks about 2FA\MFA... which is one of the best ways to protect your logins. Is it coming to TradeMe anytime soon ?