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    OK, I see what you mean but two things. 1. That only shows on sellers. Buyers should also be viewable without so needing to go looking which leads to my next point. 2. It used to be next to every buyers feedback number with a percentage. Now if I want to see if a buyer is ok or not, I have to go into each ones feedback and have a look. Too much effort!

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    There's another problem where bad feedback matters less now, now that there is no longer a percentage for feedback. Also, when listing, I would like to also like to disallow high bad feedback users from bidding the same that we do for non-authenticated users!

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    I sent a parcel 11 days ago via Aramex STILL not there. They also picked up a parcel which wasn't theirs's - STILL have NOT returned it. Too many complaints to discount their incompetence. What can I do now?  Step up trademe and do something about it, even if you remove them, just do something. I wish I had read these comments before using them!!!!