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  • Hoping someone can help.I posted a parcel with NZ Post on the 31st July.Took it to the local Post Shop and got a tracking number.However when I look it up it says only that they have received it but no updates.Asked at the post shop yesterday and they have the same information.I emailed the buyer and he hasn't received the parcel yet.What is my next move and do I just wait a bit longer?.  

  • Can someone please suggest the best and cheapest way to send magazines within NZ. Thanks

  • Hi,can anyone tell me how to change my bank account number please. I just can't find anything other than to delete the existing one and I am afraid if I do that what happens next.Trademe don't explain the next step.I'm guessing I will then be prompted to add a new one but don't want to take the risk of not being able to.