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    Hi Bruce, there is a Crown Lynn collectors event coming up in Auckland on the 4th May, you would be sure to find very knowledgeable people there who may be able to advise you.  

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    By Robert in an earlier post: "How many people are re-evaluating selling on Trademe since this started"?   Absolutely Robert. I'm looking at all other options available to me to sell items elsewhere from now on instead of my personal and In Trade accounts. TM seems to have gone conveniently deaf and no longer responding to any members concerns about this, they obviously don't give a damn. I've been a loyal member both selling and buying on here for 16 years ... and now this is how they treat their customers. If I treated my customers in the same way as TM do I would be out of business for s...

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    Oh, good on ya Trade Me! Just read it on the news page https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/money/2022/08/kiwis-outraged-after-trade-me-announces-it-s-increasing-its-fees.html