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    You are like the trademe guru, thank you :)

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    Totally agree. Also dramatically increase the free listing allowance.  If its too costly to list items, there is less items on trademe and buyers will go elsewhere.

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    Hi, Im wondering if anyone can tell me why my account is automatically posting a response to any feedback I get after a sale? Somehow it is automatically posting the title for the sold item by itself as a feedback response after a buyer posts feedback (I have not touched anything).  Ive contacted trademe, and they have not had any suggestions as to why this may be happening and no real solutions apart from clearing my web browser and aps cookies, both of which I have done repeatedly. If anyone can offer any advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Truly appreciate the guide, thank you.  So clear and helpful. Would appreciate any other guides you may have to selling on trademe using my products or just general tips