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    Well trademe can keep ignoring the warnings at their peril. A 12TB data breach across LinkedIn, etc has been discovered.

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    I don't think trademe store credit card info In order to do so they need to be PCI compliant. One of those requirements is multi-factor authentication. They don't implement even 2fa and therefore they are not compliant. So I don't think they store it. Your browser prompts you to store it. Maybe that's where you're seeing it. And paying for items is handled through another service I think. So they get away with minimal security.

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    Totally ridiculous that Trademe do not offer 2FA on their logins.  And given how old the request is, it's saying a lot that they don't take keeping user data private and secure seriously.  I was just reading about another scam where a seller had their bank account details changed.   Shame on Trademe.  Get your act together guys!