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    Hi, I have a strong dislike of the layout of the home page of the latest app version. The compressed view for the saved searches make it really hard to see and review the items displayed. I want to buy items from my saved searches. I do not want to buy real estate, which is what trademe homepage is now pushing instead. I would like to roll the app back to the previous version. How do i access the apk file of the last version before this formatting change? Thanks for your support :)

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    Yes this is why im here also. The latest app version is stupid. My searches are sorted by latest listings. I use the andriod app home page to preview whats just been listed so i can jump on them if they tick my boxes. The new app layout sqishes these images so i cant really see what the item is. Instead i have real-estate and ads being pushed on me. Im not in the market for a house. Im in the market for the items in my saved searches. Trademe please focus on what is important. Help your buyers find what they are looking for and help your seller reach your buyers. An app that does not facili...