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    Thanks S, Correct I have not enabled MFA, but still had to enter a code via email. I tried several times in succession following Callums link above and each time, I had to enter a code for that too. I only use the one laptop to access TMe and it is running Linux, with Firefox as the browser. Interestingly tonight when I logged on, I got straight in without the having to do the email code, so possibly it has been fixed? Or maybe I'll have to enter a code before I'm allowed to leave.......

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    What a PITA. I haven't turned this on, it just started emailing me codes. I have followed the link provided above by Callum and followed the instructions to disable it. But, when I get to step 4. (Select Authenticator app, then Select Remove authenticator app authentication.). there is no "Remove authenticator app authentication" option. There is just three option to enable (Google, Microsoft or Authy). If I just hit 'continue' it wants me to scan a QR code, which I have zero interest in doing or method of doing it, if I did.... I don't always have my emails running and now everytime I want...