Recent activity by Kathryn
  • If you blacklist a user are they still able to request relists/FPOs? The blacklist FAQ only mentions bidding and questions.

  • Is it no longer possible to see the time an auction was listed? I've just had an item close that I could have sworn I listed on Saturday (free selling) but I've been charged a fee for it. The only date I can find is it's closing time. 

  • I remember in the past only views from desktop displayed in the auction stats, not views from the app. I'm just wondering if that's changed as I'm seeing a higher rate of views on my auctions, though no change in watchers or sales. 

  • Are ping payment balances being transferred to banks over the weekend as well now? I don't recall seeing an announcement but noticed I received Saturday and Sunday's balance over the weekend.

  • Is anyone else noticing an increase in NZ Post parcels being scanned as delivered well before they actually are? I've had about four (that I know of) this year. One said delivered early in the morning but wasn't delivered until late in the evening. Another was delivered the day after the claimed delivery. One was scanned delivered twice with another update in between and only the second delivery was the actual delivery. I know at least instance was a misdelivery - I lodged a claim with NZ post who said they'd misdelivered, recovered the parcel and were now delivering but another week passed...