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    Great stuff guys appreciate the feedback, the engine is new or was new, has run 1 hour at 2 3rds its power, um a reduction gear box is being used like 3:1 or more to reduce engine strain and the frame is built buy myself 30yrs manufacturing engineer experience qualifications, had used a second hand engine before this one and have reused it again which is a 38cc getting me up to 36kph. And held on by a single bolt. i only asked if they could replace the crank case id even pay for it, but the accusations of dropping and what not well there was no reasoning with an unreasonable person, i wasnt...

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    Well its been over a month since i purchased an item, according to guidelines there is a way about getting things done. which is what i have adhered to, according to policy every purchase should be Fit for purpose and quality assured, sadly i find myself $215 down and walking everywhere. although i approached the trader for help, accusations were made about the use of the item a 44cc claimed 52cc weedeater engine to which i assured them its in a protected frame to which no damage would compromise the product. claims of wasnt used as the purpose it was described for, to which i replied there...