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    Gary thanks for your help Free listings - (listing allowance before HVL fees apply). As a Store, you get a minimum of 150 free listings before you pay HVL fees. You only get free listings if you keep under 150 or under your allowance (based on sales as shown in your sales summary). If you list more than this you pay HVL fees on everything as you are listing more than your fee listings allowance. I understand I will only get the free listings based on my sales & sales summary but I dont get any say I was enttiled to 150 x 10c  thats $180 per year which is worth having Needs attention do they...

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    I HAVE A NUMBER OF QUERIES I WOULD BE GRATEFUL IF YOU COULD REPLY ASAP   Can you please advise on the items below as I am question what I am getting from the store for my monthly payment.   Just for background I am a small shop that sells purely for charity - the only deductions from the sales price are Trade me fees, cost if any, volunteer expenses which are minimal. I donate all my time free. I enjoy doing it and am donating approx. $150 per month by way of monthly donations to major charities. I am looking for ways to increase this to at least $400 or $100 per week its lots of work. I en...