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    For those who are still struggling with the April 2024 deadline of the Tradevine-Shopify disconnection issue, here is a temporary fix. In the long run, you may still need to find an alternative inventory management system that supports Shopify. If you have received an email from Shopify about unsupported API calls you will need to make a small change.Please view the following link to see the solution:

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    I contacted Shopify today and Shopify has agreed to add a three-month grace period. So the connection between Tradevine and Shopify should be the same as before, until the end of April 2024. You may need to do a re-authorisation in the Shopify Settings in Tradevine. When re-authorising, you may need to find the original authorisation token first (the one you saved in May 2023). This is just a temporary solution. In the following three months, you will need to find an alternative to replace Tradevine if you want to continue using Shopify.