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  • Why does it take so long to recover your feedback percentage after a single bad feedback.Seem like a bad feedback can drop you a whole percent but to regain the previous percentage rate, it takes about 100 good feedback or more, to get back up again.Thats pretty brutal on any trader under 1000 good feedback to receive about 5 bad feedback in a couple of yearsI have seen newbies get two bad feedback and their rating drops to about 95% but takes a few hundred to recover back to 98%

  • Stupid, frustrating to track and time consuming with plenty of missed emails.WHY .... do a lot of buyers insist on using a different email address to the one listed on TM>>

  • Nope, NOpe and NOPE ....Horrible colorsTakes a massive amount of page scrolling to get anywhere Why is TM making all the new pages such a large format.Are they trying to cater for nearly blind users that have all day to check about 20 listings.LOL, that would almost make sense if it wasn't for the pasty pale colors.

  • After 23 years of being a Trademe member, it's now at the point that I don't care anymore about the feedback system.It's heavily in favour of the buyer when it comes to getting anything done.Many times in the last few years, I have received a "name calling" bad feedback and responded with a simple factual neutral feedback in response and the buyer has been able to get it removed.TM won't remove those abusive feedback stating ("the buyer is just expressing their opinion"Even those that place bad feedback but state they will remove it once they get the item, simply don't do it and TM won't he...

  • I have a few of this type of feedback where the buyer has placed negative feedback and states IN the feedback that  they will change/ remove the feedback after they get the item/ refund etc.I have asked TM via feedback disputes previously, to remove those feedback for me/ them, because the buyer is uncommunicative (therefore not removing/ altering the feedback as promised) and TM refuses.I have supplied screen shots of the promise's / emails accordingly/ bank statements and courier links as needed but TM still refuses to act.Whats next that needs to be done to get action.

  • Had a few of these over the years where the parcel has been picked up but for various reasons, the courier has been either slow or had other issues (some of those are the buyers fault / some the courier drivers) such as ignoring "card to Call" / wrong address etc etc, but I still end up with bad feedback and Tm won't remove it, stating "At face value, the member is merely expressing their concerns surrounding the trade".I can't change my feedback to red because it's seen as retaliatory and it seems that I can't place factual feedback as that often gets removed but it's never explained why t...

  • I have a few of these examples popping up this year where the buyer places bad feedback for non delivery but the courier company has GPS delivery tags for the buyer given address.TM refuses to remove that feedback even with emailed proof (screen shots etc)Is there anything else that can be done?

  • Compusery Address when choosing shipping option Sales with "No Pick Up"  & Shipping options listed.Getting a lot of buyers that chose the shipping option but don't supply their delivery address on the sale.Instead they either email the address or do it through Trademe AFTER they pay for the item.PITA when printing out sales for the day because then I have to wait for them to send the address or go hunt down that specific auction on TM later.It also impacts on packaging time having to wait for the address to be sent.

  • Still can't search for auction "P" numbers on the new site.TM's own payment instructions dictate to the buyer to use the P number for bank deposits but sellers can't search for those numbers on the new site.We can sometimes get on to the old website search bar via various links but thats slowly being disabled & reverting to the new siteI tried for awhile to get buyers to use the auction number from the bottom of the page but that was too hard for most of them.

  • Over the last few months, I have had a massive increase in buyers NOT supplying their delivery address at the time of sale/ purchase, Ie: the address is not appearing on the sale page even when the shipping option has been selected.It's almost as if they don't want to let me know where they live until they have paid for the item.Eg: Once they have paid, they will email me the address or select it on the Trademe won item.It's now common when processing bank payments & setting up for packaging, that I will then find some address's ARE on the TM sale page but were not on there at the time of s...