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    Thank you again S. Yeah, that is what I am wondering...will it cheapen my IT stock. I do see other IT traders doing it. (sorry if I was a bit blunt with your answer. Having a bad day.:). I do appreciate your answer.

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    Thanks S, but that's not what I was asking. I am In Trade, and very aware of my obligations.

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    Is there any advantages/disadvantages to selling personal items on our In Trade account, other than the fees.? I don't like having to switch between the two, as it messes with my brain, so feeling like I'm happy to sell personal stuff in my IT a/c, but is it a good thing to do, particularly as far as customers go, who come onto my 'shop' to buy a particular type of item that I sell, and have to view all my other stuff. Thoughts? Thanks.

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    For about 6 weeks now, my sales have plummeted. It's quite disheartening. I wondering if it's worth trying to use the Gallery promotion, as I see that all of one type of item I sell, are right at the end, on pg59. I am still a top seller, but that's going to end soon, that's for sure.