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  • Im trying to blacklist a trader. I get as far as putting their name in blacklist box. But when I click go I just get a banana error coming up. Are others getting this?

  • TM are trying a sponsored listings feature through tradevine.  Its a beta feature at present only available to a few traders on tradevine. Anybody used it? And if so any success? What are the costs/ click?

  • So if you sold an item for $95.20 including shipping (paid via ping) which showed a $7.52 success fee,, when the same amount is refunded via ping in full, only $6.39 of success fee is refunded by TM to the seller. How does TM work that out? Creative accountancy in the TM accounts dept?

  • I have found an issue with TM cutting off a lot of the picture once you open a listing. The full picture is there when you look down through the gallery of the members listing, but, as soon as listing is opened, it gives an expanded view of only the middle of the picture, the rest is gone.  It is happening on the desk top version and the phone version, although it cuts off a lot more of the photo on the desk top. I have gone back into "my photos" part on TM, and the full picture is in there ok. Anybody else having this issue? Examples listings 4347033808 and 4345237465

  • When you issue an enquiry with TM through their help channel, TM then email you an "Untitled ticket number" . But  they dont have any reference to what the enquiry is about so its a pointless exercise.  I have had 3 seperate enquiry's through help tonight, I have 3 seperate emails with different ticket numbers in. So which ticket belongs to which conversation, you dont know. Its easy to say that the order the ticket numbers come in relates to the order of the enquiry's. However we all know the theory and practice there is not always the same. And it also relies on you remembering the order ...

  • I don't use TM mobile phone app except for sale notifications. However the other day I was trying to find how to locate the payment instructions on there. could not find any where. I use desk top normally, and its in your won items folder. Anybody help?

  • Has anybody experienced this. Part of the address sent by the listing winner , sent through trademe is not fully there. This is an ongoing issue for many years but TM cannot seem to rectify this simple bug. It affects maybe 1 in 20 or 30 addresses supplied in my experience. It is always the top line or top 2 lines of the address, so missing often the receivers name and them maybe business being delivered to or perhaps flat number. Really annoying and potential delivery failures

  • Our sold items folder are searchable which is really handy. But we need the same function on the unsold items folder.  Why? Most common use to search the unsold folder would be to cancel a particular item that is on offer, but stock is out so you need to withdrawn the offer. At present you have to search all the items in the folder with an offer (often many pages) to find one item. Another use of search maybe to find how many of a particular item has not sold in a time period. This is info that can then help you adjust your sales strategy to increase sales (and so more success fees for TM)

  • Trademe automatic payment instruction emails ( which we also put pickup details in) used to be pasted at the base of the purchase notification email that trademe send buyers. This system worked really well. A while ago, this then stopped, and only a nondescript clickable link saying "view" or "further information" was the only notification of the payment instructions in small font way down the bottom of the page. While this maybe fine if item is being shipped and it is being paid through ping or afterpay, it is however not fine if the buyer chooses another payment method or needs to pickup ...