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    Hi, enabling the Or Near Offer tick-box keeps the existing price, and you can proceed through and complete the listing as normal. But going back into the list to edit it causes the price to be dropped and you receive a TM validation response indicating "I made an error" and need to add a price. Fortunately, it's just a matter of canceling the edit if you don't remember the price. But thought I'd mention it in case it's something to look into. Thanks

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    Hi, just reporting that I've had this problem with the Dunedin service. Two pickups scheduled through Trade Me. When they didn't collect when expected, I called the Dunedin depot for Aramex and spoke to the support agent. There was no record for my address, including the two current and a third recently booked. She then advised I need to call after each scheduled request through Trade Me to arrange pickup of the item(s). Didn't push it over the call as it was apparent the agent was only trying to help and it was outside of her control. I've not had this problem with NZ Post and they have be...