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    What gets me is Trademe really doesn't give a crap about NZ sellers anymore, if they did they would give NZ Professional sellers Free High Volume Listings fees as they do for any international sellers.  So straight away its not a level playing field! Some of the overseas sellers have 250,000+ items on trademe - Items like a tube of chapstick for $13.50 with free freight , when you can buy them at Countdown for $4 !!!

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    The thing is with TM's great system is that you have to have ALL your listings closing on the same night to be able to get the first lot free. Its a rubbish system and trademe have designed it this way to obviously make more money and to confuse people. One day they might actually add something new that actually helps NZ pro sellers, rather than give overseas companies unlimited free listings.......

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    still not fixed !!!