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  • Once again I have had to filed a dispute to get tracking number removed out of a feedback, which I received last night, for item I purchased yesterday, It has been removed this morning, Thank you Trade Me, so many scenarios of things that can happen when others seeing it, Please sellers do not put tracking numbers in Feedback, E-Mail it to your buyers, but on desktop and in my Products there is a facility to add tracking number to your sold auctions, so link on buyers won auctions to track, Please use it if you are able, for your own reference and buyers reference, feedback is not the place...

  • Yet again, I used a buy now paid with Ping, days later still waiting for shipping to be confirmed, to pay via manual bank deposit, so no chance of it being sent within 3 days, conditions of using Ping, weekend sale, so should have had it this week, Only for seller to come back now and try & charge more than triple for what should have been an Across town rate?, But oh no, not in same city, they are actually down other end of Island, Profile details out of date, now I have to suck excessive shipping up?, I formed a contract on condition they were in same city as auction showed, as could have...

  • Just a heads up, Well been on phone again today to bank, as money refunded but back in account today, under Dosh?? it appears if a trade goes awol, and you need to refund to account money came from, you cannot, and neither can the bank, both the bank and I at it again today trying to sort it out as money bank in my account today, what is going on?, After googling Dosh while I was hold waiting for bank staff to work it out also, found it is an app, digital wallet platform, I had never heard of it before, so what should be a direct transfer between banks within hours, eg. BNZ and ANZ , is del...

  • I was searching for an Item searched many times before with no results, ? yet found checking folders, Now within a folder searching 1 sized item, and getting mixed results? it is bringing everything up with one number in it, that is in the search value for a square item? Tried different computers same results?, was all good earlier,

  • When we have unsold items on our sold page clearly with the My products Logo, Why are we now getting notifications, Unsold items due to expire E-Mails?, ‘Unsold items’ folder that will be permanently archived in three days. system should recognize My Products users from those that don't use my products, otherwise we could be getting these E-Mails very often, These are on my personal account, which I don't list on often so items can be parked for months,  

  • So many buyers and sellers lately think they can just cancel their trades on a whim?, and sellers just refund ping payments without discussing?, in the last week it has been a joke with some, what the heck?, And some are long time members with big feedback numbers, who cannot abide by code of conduct etc. contracts mean nothing, Just no consequences anymore, they just do what they like,

  • This is from title it should be Cup but going to a live listing it this in my products it is correct, Cupcakes & Сup Pattern, it has been listed 6 days and have just noticed the listing in category, is this another glitch? and how many more listings have glitches like this?

  • Cannot search in Sold in My Products, seems broken anyone else? I have tried different computers and different browsers, and tried both member name & Pnumber, it searches for a while then you are still on same page where you started? Products, you can select folder, but search takes it's time but gets results in the end,

  • Just had a bulk lot off fees on unused shipping refunded, (as many multi buyers who cannot read auctions an use the $0.00 Combined shipping option,) but it was refunded at casual rate of 7.9% not Intrade seller rates I pay and paid of 9.9%, as they do not put total in E-Mail, so went to check statement, and whoa ! way less than expecting, yes they only refunded at casual rates, Pays to your check Statement,

  • Received E-Mail from Aramex this morning, re Damaged parcel, never been delivered, It took ages to find the trade Tracking number related too in my excel sheet as so far back !!! Yet no communication from buyer to say not received?, yet on looking I had to chase them up for overdue payment too, And part feedback I placed...Link to track your item can be found on your won Auction & Automated Courier Booking E-Mail via Trade Me, .....So obviously never bothered to track it, or check their won folder to see they have received their items, and on checking, they are still actively buying and the...