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  • Since when did the period to claim a refund decrease to 40 days?This has always been 45 days ie. until the item disappears in your sold items. Went to get a refund for an item unpaid sold June 26th (41 days) and get the error message below with a typical hypertext error in it. I don't recall agreeing to any change of conditions. Did I miss something?

  • Learn how people scam people, I'm an expert it's just happened to me. Someone had hacked a members account. In the early hours of the morning that had listed a MacBook Pro with a Buy Now. It was cheap but not so cheap to cause alarm. When I hit the Buy Now, there was no option to pay by Ping. The TradeMe auto-email was friendly, short, and had their name, same name as their username and their account number, ANZ. They them emailed me and basically said they can send quickly if I pay reasonably promptly. Then I got a follow-up email. This email was sent because it would mean I would communic...

  • Trademe in the last two days I’ve had four auctions sell to fake buyers. One you emailed saying it was a scammer but if this is happening to me it must be happening to others. The wheels are really starting to fall off this great site.