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    Just started moving products to categories that they are automatically categorized into, same as yourself. Already noticed more interest in the listings. Will continue and do all of them. It's rather ridiculous as the automatic category is wrong, but what can you do...

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    Trade Me does feel pretty dead nowadays. Websites doing much better in comparison. When you consider the cost of Trade Me fees, Tradevine subscription, and excess listing fees, it is now cheaper to just run your own site and advertise on Google/Insta.

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    Sales have been declining for months now, it's up and down week to week but the overall trajectory is down. Products that used to sell well just don't anymore, regardless of the price. And I've priced some of them below cost price and far below competitors. No joy. Still have Top Seller status but now exceeding the listing allowance every month. Just started cutting back on listings for the really cheap items so as to stop paying the excess listing charge. Trade Me is definitely going downhill... their fees go up, but the service doesn't get any better! On the plus side, websites are still ...

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    Hey Callum, Thanks for taking the time to do that for me. It's appreciated :)

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    I've never encountered a seller who's blacklisted me, but I've blacklisted a fair few. Could someone post up a screen shot of what the nessage looks like to someone who's been blacklisted when they try and interact with the product listing. Not required, I'm just curious really. Thanks