Organising pick up and shipping

How to go about sending your sold item, or arranging collection with the buyer.

Book_a_courier_-_12.svg How to go about sending your sold item, or arranging collection with the buyer.


Pick up

  • Contact the buyer to let them know some suitable times and days for collection.
  • If the items needs to be collected by a certain date, this should be made clear in the listing.
  • Trades should be wrapped up within a week – unless you've both agreed otherwise.


The buyer should pick up the item if:

  • your listing stated 'pick-up only'
  • they selected to pick up the item.


Find out what to do if you're having trouble contacting the buyer.

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Book a Courier

  • Use Book a Courier to send your sold items across Aotearoa.
  • To make a booking, select Book a courier from My Trade Me.
  • Learn more about making a booking.
  • Only send the item once the buyer's payment has been received.
  • The buyer will be sent the tracking info once the courier is booked.


Size limits and exclusions apply.

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Other shipping methods

  • You can use another courier, or standard post to send the item.
  • Using non-tracked shipping methods is at the seller's risk, until the buyer receives the item.
  • If the item is tracked, send the details to the buyer – or enter them online in your Sold items.


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Buyer has chosen the wrong shipping option

If they've chosen and paid for the incorrect shipping option, contact them, and ask them to pay the difference.

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