Buyer is unhappy with the item

Find out what to do if the buyer isn't happy with their purchase.

We've got tips to help you resolve issues with the buyer.


Faulty or not as described items

Sellers should always do their due diligence, and make sure the items they're selling are described accurately and fully. Learn more about seller obligations.

Things to consider:

  • Were any faults/imperfections described fully in the listing?
  • Was the item working when the buyer received it?
  • How long would you expect the item to last?
  • How old was the item when it was sold?
  • What would you expect as a buyer in this situation?


Note: In-trade sellers can't sell items to consumers in 'as-is where-is' condition.

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Items damaged in transit

Most sellers will offer the buyer a refund on return – and lodge a claim with the courier or their insurer.

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Resolution options

These are just some ideas to get you started. Have a chat with the buyer – and try to come to an agreement you're both happy with.

  • Offer a full refund on return.
  • Offer a discount/partial refund.
  • Offer to repair or replace the item.


If you and the buyer aren't able to reach an agreement – they can file a dispute report, and our experts can step in to mediate.

Find out how to:


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Change of mind

  • Sellers aren't obligated to offer refunds where the buyer has chosen the wrong item, or changed their mind.
  • With that said, we'd ask sellers to show compassion, and consider the buyer's situation.
  • If the trade doesn't go ahead, you can apply for a success fee refund


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