Product details pages

We’re rolling out a new way to show buyers information about products – with official images, descriptions and information. Buyers can select storage, colour, and a seller to buy from.

We’re starting with selected Samsung and iPhone mobile phone categories. We’ll roll this out to more categories in the future.

Eligibility criteria

  • Buy now.
  • Brand new, unopened item.
  • In an eligible category.
  • Correct storage and colour selected.


Eligible listings are shown automatically. Up to 50 sellers can be displayed – and are sorted by Buy Now + shipping price.



Why have you done this?

It makes comparing and buying simple and easy, which is great for sellers.

Is it available for other categories?

Not just yet, but we’re keen to get this in more categories across Trade Me in the future.

How are buying options sorted?

Registered official retailers are shown first, then by lowest Buy Now + shipping. If two or more sellers have the same price, the ordering is randomised.

My item isn't showing as a purchase option – why?

We'll show buyers up to 50 buying options, sorted by price.

Make sure your item is listed in the correct category, with the right colour and storage attributes. Only select models are available.

Where’s the Q&A?

These are brand new, unopened items, so Q&A isn’t needed. Product pages use official photos and descriptions from established product catalogues.

Q&A is still available on your own listings.

Can I opt-out?

No, but your listings are still visible in search results as they always have been. We’ve done heaps of research that tells us buyers want this. With that said, we'll be testing and learning as we roll this out. 


Our team wants your feedback – please ‘Tell us what you think’ at the bottom of a product page.

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