Selling wine on Trade Me

The sale of alcoholic beverages on Trade Me is generally prohibited, due to laws around the sale and purchase of alcohol. We do allow some members to sell wine – this is restricted to licensed sellers pre-approved by Trade Me.

To list in our wine categories, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a current appropriate off-licence certificate.*
  • Include your shipping policy on all wine listings.
  • Comply with the Code for Advertising and Promotion of Alcohol and all relevant New Zealand laws.
  • Upload (or provide a link to) a clear image of your off-licence (on each listing).
  • Enter details of your name (as licence holder), licence number and expiry date of the licence within each listing.


If you meet the above criteria and are interested in selling wine on Trade Me, please download and fill out the application form and send it to us below.

*If the seller has made an application to renew a licence before the end of the licence’s currency, the seller may continue to sell wine if Trade Me receives proof of the application and is satisfied that the licence remains in force. A wine seller must immediately notify Trade Me of the outcome of a licensing authority’s decision whether or not to renew the seller’s licence.


Your guide to selling wine on Trade Me.

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