Shipping transparency prize details

  1. To be eligible to go into the draw you will need to apply shipping transparency templates to all eligible listings.

  2. Marketplace Gold Display Ad Package - $10K worth of in-search display advertising package (banner advertising) delivered over 3 months or less.

  3. 500,000 Ad Impressions (search results) on Trade Me Marketplace.

  4. Targeting a number of relevant categories & keyword searches.

  5. Advertisements include the Halfpage Ad 300x600, MREC Banner 300x250, & Native Ad.

  6. The Prize Winner will need to provide the advertising creative.

  7. The campaign must be booked to start before 1 May 2022, after this date the prize cannot be redeemed.

  8. The campaign must run for 3 months or less as one single flight.

  9. All bookings are subject to availability.

  10. The prize is subject to the Advertising Terms.

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