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Scheduled site maintenance

Trade Me will be unavailable from 10:30 pm on Tuesday 23 March to 6:00 am on Wednesday 24 March for scheduled maintenance. 

All listings due to close during this time will be extended by 8.5 hours. 

We do site maintenance from time-to-time to keep things running smoothly and we’ve scheduled this for our lowest traffic period to have the least impact on our members. 

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.


My listing is due to close during the site maintenance window can I change that?

You can edit your listing and adjust the end time so it closes before or after the site maintenance window. If it’s not possible to edit due to bids being on the listing, the end time will be automatically extended by 8.5 hours while the site is unavailable.

If an auction is meant to close before 10:30 pm but bids cause it to auto-extend, what happens?  

If the listing isn’t closed before 10:30 pm, it will be extended by 8.5 hours so the bidding can continue when the site is back online.

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