Selling face masks on Trade Me

Face masks can be listed on Trade Me without prior approval, but they must be listed in the correct category.

If you’re making or buying face masks with the intention to sell them, you must have the ‘In-trade’ badge turned on. Your pricing also needs to be in line with our National Disaster and Civil Emergency Policy.

Medical grade masks

Face masks that have been recognised as medical devices should be listed in:

Health & beauty / Medical supplies / Face masks

Please note that you must be able to demonstrate their compliance and we may request, at any time, for you to provide evidence that the medical-grade face mask meets the appropriate standards.

Homemade masks, ‘construction or industrial’ face coverings, or other types of masks must not be listed in this category.

Non-medical masks and other face coverings

Masks made at home out of reusable fabric, ‘construction or industrial’ face coverings, fashion masks, and any other kind of face-covering should be listed under:

Health & beauty / Face care / Masks

Non-medical masks and face coverings may also be listed in other categories, if appropriate.

Note: if you claim that a face-covering of any kind meets any recognised safety standards you may be asked at any time to provide evidence of that claim.

Face masks can be bought and sold on Trade Me, in accordance with our policy – check out our policy for more info.

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