Gold Trade Rebate

Sellers receive a 10% rebate on their net success fees, when their listings meet all of these criteria: 

  1. Shipping is 'free shipping'; and
  2. tracking number is added online within two business days of the buyer's payment; and
  3. payment received via Ping, Pay Now or Afterpay; and
  4. you're an NZ, in-trade seller.

Rebates are calculated after any other discounts have been applied, and are paid into your Trade Me account within two working days of the tracking number being provided.

Adding tracking info

Add courier tracking numbers in ‘Sold items’, ‘Book a courier’, My Products or Tradevine.

Check out our seller blog post or see our Gold Trade Rebate terms and conditions for more info.


If you're a professional seller, you might be eligible for a Gold Trade Rebate.

Check out our Gold Trade Rebate terms and conditions, and let us know if you have any questions.

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