Making a Disputes Tribunal claim as a seller

The Disputes Tribunal can assist you to resolve a dispute between you and another Trade Me member over a trade. If you’ve sold an item the dispute may be one of the following:

  • The buyer pulled out of the trade.
  • Feedback has been placed stating that your item was substandard when it was not.
  • Goods were sent or a service provided but you never received payment.


There are other situations where it may be appropriate to seek assistance from the Disputes Tribunal. Please note that the Disputes Tribunal does not address debt.

The process

The process is straightforward:

  • A trained referee hears your dispute.
  • A solution to the dispute is decided upon.
  • A binding enforceable court order is issued.


Participating in a hearing is also straightforward; if you are both in the same location you can all meet with the referee, if not then a teleconference can be arranged.

Starting the claim process

To start the Disputes Tribunal claim process you require the other party's full name and address. Trade Me can release this information directly to you or the Disputes Tribunal for this purpose.

Trade Me takes the privacy of members seriously. To request details for the purpose of making a Disputes Tribunal claim we require that you:

  • Download a statutory declaration form to state that you require the other party's details in order to file a claim with the Disputes Tribunal, and will only use the information for this purpose.
  • Complete the statutory declaration with your details and the details of the member that you are requesting the details of.
  • Take the statutory declaration to your local court and:
    • sign the statutory declaration in front of a Registrar or Deputy Registrar
    • have the statutory declaration signed and stamped by the Registrar or Deputy Registrar.
  • Scan the signed statutory declaration form and email it to us by following this link, OR send the signed statutory declaration form to Trade Me:


Trust and Safety

Trade Me

PO Box 11042




It takes about 3-5 days for the statutory declaration to be processed. Once we have the details we will email you with the other party's full name and address attached in PDF format. We will also email the other party to let them know that we have released their details.

More info

Find out more via our consumer guide on Disputes Tribunals, or visit the Disputes Tribunal website. Trade Me takes Disputes Tribunal orders seriously and can help with enforcement of judgments.

You can find your local Disputes Tribunal online or in the blue section (Government section) of the White Pages under 'Justice, Ministry of'. 


If you need to make a Disputes Tribunal claim as a seller – we can help.

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