Buyer and Seller Protection

Learn how Buyer and Seller Protection works on Trade Me.

Buyer Protection and Seller Protection means we have your back if a trade doesn't go to plan.

Buyer Protection

We can help cover buyers if an item doesn’t turn up or isn’t as described, and there's trouble resolving it with the seller.

How it works

We've got tips to help resolve issues with the seller. If you can't resolve things with the seller yourself, our team can step in.

Get started with the disputes process

Learn more about Buyer Protection.


Seller Protection

We offer protection to sellers through: 

  • Secure payment systems – Ping and Afterpay.
  • Our disputes resolution process.
  • Fraud interception specialists who monitor card transactions onsite, 24/7.
  • Buyer Protection – helping the disputes process run smoothly.
  • Our feedback disputes process.

Learn more about Seller Protection.

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