Auto billing

Check out our auto billing terms and conditions, and let us know if you have any questions.

Auto billing lets your credit and debit card be automatically charged every week, clearing any debt from your Trade Me account.

Your card is automatically charged weekly for fees incurred over the past week.

Note: auto billing accounts need to be authenticated, and can't be in debt.

Enabling auto-billing

  1. Enter your card details and save changes.
  2. We'll process a one-off $1.00 payment – this will be credited to your Trade Me account.

You can turn off auto billing at any time.

Note: if an auto billing charge fails, auto billing will be turned off and the debt will need to be settled before enabling again. 


We'll show you how to set up auto billing, so your credit/debit card be automatically charged to clear any debt on your Trade Me account.

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