Pay Now

  Note   Pay Now will soon be retired, and replaced by Ping. Pay Now accounts are still needed to use Afterpay.   Learn more about Ping

If you're a seller and need help with your Pay Now & Afterpay account – we can help.

Pay Now allows you to pay instantly for your purchases by credit or debit card on Trade Me.

Sellers get instant confirmation of payment and delivery address, and the payments are deposited into the seller's bank account within 3 business days.

Pay Now is eligible for Buyer Protection.

How to register

Buyers don't need to register to buy with Pay Now.

New sellers are no longer able to register for Pay Now. Learn how to sell with Ping or Afterpay.


Sellers can issue full or partial refunds for items purchased with Pay Now.

To issue a refund:

  1. Select 'Payment received' on the listing from 'Sold items'.
  2. Select 'Issue refund'.

Pay Now fees will be automatically refunded.

Payment disputes

The bank may reverse a payment if a buyer successfully disputes that they were not responsible for a charge on their card. In the event of a disputed payment, we'll provide the bank with evidence of the purchase and may require additional information from the seller, such as proof of postage. In the event of a successful dispute, the value of the transaction will be deducted from the sellers Pay Now account. 


The ins and outs of Pay Now.

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