Ways to get paid

Learn about receiving payment via Ping, Afterpay, and sending payment instructions.

Money illustration Find out how to receive money from the buyer for your sold item.


Ping & Afterpay

The goods should be sent once the buyer's payment shows in your Ping or Afterpay account.

  • When the buyer has paid, the funds will be in your Ping account or Pay Now & Afterpay account.
  • You'll receive their delivery address when they've paid.
  • Items should be sent once the funds are in your Ping or Pay Now & Afterpay account – not once it's in your bank account.
  • Let the buyer know once you've sent their item, and share any tracking info.


Payment not showing yet? We can help.

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Bank deposit & cash

If the buyer is paying by bank deposit, don't send or hand over the goods until the money is in your account.

  • Contact the buyer - to send them your bank account details, or receive cash on pick up. 
  • Any cash should be handed over in person – and never left outside or in a mailbox.
  • The buyer can send their address through the site, or contact you directly.


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Sending payment instructions


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Problems receiving payment


Buyer has paid the wrong shipping amount

  • If the buyer needs to pay extra, contact them with:
    • The extra they need to pay.
    • Your bank account details, if you haven't yet provided these.
  • If you're unable to reach the buyer, or they won't pay the correct amount – find out what to do.


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