Receiving payment

Buyers should make payment within a week, unless you’ve agreed on, or stated in your listing, a different time frame. If they haven't paid or made contact within a week, we can help.

Payment via Trade Me 

If the buyer uses Ping, Pay Now or Afterpay, you'll receive their delivery address as soon as they've paid.

Once the payment is in your Ping account or Pay Now & Afterpay account, get the parcel out the door as soon as possible. Let the buyer know once you've sent their item, and share any tracking info.

Payment outside Trade Me 

Payment instructions can be sent to the buyer when they win the listing, or they can be sent manually.

If you don't have payment instructions set up, you’ll need to contact the buyer. You can send them your bank account details, or arrange for them to pay cash on pick-up.

The buyer can send their address through the site, or contact you directly.

Problems receiving payment

If you're having problems communicating with the buyer – we can help.

If the buyer has pulled out of the sale, you can apply for a success fee refund.

If you need to refund a buyer’s Ping or Afterpay payment – find out how.

If you're having issues receiving payment from a buyer – we can help.

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