Problems with your purchase

You've paid and haven't received your item or service

Once you've paid for the goods, allow at least seven days for them to arrive before contacting us. If it hasn’t been that long, here are some tips to try in the meantime:

  • Check the auction details. There may be genuine reasons why the shipping is taking longer than you expect.

  • Double-check your payment, to ensure it's been successful. Check your credit card statement, internet banking details and keep an eye out for any emails from Trade Me support.

  • Email the seller. Provide the seller with the purchase reference number, payment date and the reference you included.

  • Check your spam filters and junk inbox. Make sure the seller's emails aren't being blocked by your email provider.

If you’ve been through those steps, and still can’t reach a resolution with the seller  file a dispute report.

The goods or service were different than described

If the item you receive is significantly different to the item described in the listing, or the service provided was different to what was agreed, contact the seller as soon as possible.

If you have paid for the listing using Ping, Pay Now or Afterpay, the trade may fall under our Buyer Protection policy

If you are unable to resolve the situation after communicating with the seller  file a dispute report.

The goods are damaged

Contact the seller immediately, if the goods arrive damaged. We recommend taking pictures, as both the seller and the shipping carrier will likely need these. 

Thank you for your feedback!