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Find out how to send sold items, and other items, with our Book a courier service.

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Use Book a courier to send stuff around Aotearoa – even if you haven't sold it on Trade Me.


Making a booking

Your Trade Me Account is charged for any bookings you make, and you can top up your account via credit or debit card as you're booking a courier.

  1. Package the item.
  2. Select Sold ( tag-tick-16.svg ) or Book a couriertruck-delivery-16.svg ) from My Trade Me – then follow the prompts to book your courier.
  3. Write the tracking number on the parcel – no need to print a label.
  4. We'll send tracking information to you – and your buyer, if you're sending a Trade Me sale.
  5. The courier will pick it up from the address – you don't even need to be there!


  • PO boxes can't be used for pick up or delivery.
  • Some items can't be sent.

Unattended pick-up

Select whether the parcel will be left unattended for the courier to collect.

When selecting unattended pick-up:

  • Leave the item in a safe place.
  • Include clear pick-up instructions – so the courier can find it.

If you choose to leave an item for pick up unattended, Trade Me, NZ Post, and Aramex are not liable for loss or damage to the item until the courier has applied an electronic scan to the item.

Rural pick-up

Couriers try their best to pick up items on your preferred day, but can take up to 3 working days.

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Make sure your item is securely wrapped so it won't get damaged in transit. You don't need to use a postage-included bag.

Āe / Yes

  • Green tick Reuse old packaging.
    Green tick Cardboard boxes, shoe boxes, sturdy bags. Get creative!
  • Green tick Correct size packaging.
  • Green tick Extra protection.
  • Green tick Package the item before it's collected.


Kāo / No

  • Red cross Tissue, newspaper, thin bags.
  • Red cross Other weak materials that won't survive in the rain, or being handled multiple times.
  • Red cross Pre-paid post-shop bags (the bag itself can be used, but as packaging only). 


Maximum size and weight

These are the maximum dimensions, set by our courier partners.

Bag Bag

  • Maximum length  45 cm (on any one side)
  • Maximum weight  5 kg
  • Maximum volume  0.0162 m³

Box Box

  • Maximum length 150 cm (on any one side)
  • Maximum weight 25 kg
  • Maximum volume 0.125 m³

Need to send something larger? Check out our Shipping guide.

Fragile items
  • Always package fragile items with extra protection. 
  • Marking a parcel as 'fragile' doesn't guarantee it'll be handled differently. 
  • All items should be packed well enough to be handled multiple times throughout the journey.

For more info, check the terms and conditions for your chosen courier – or contact them directly.

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Trouble making a booking

Contact phone number

Enter a phone number for the person responsible for the booking.

Please note that this doesn't mean the courier driver will call you.

Address finder

Use Address finder to enter the delivery address.

If the postcode and suburb don't match:


Enter an address manually:

  1. Start typing the address.
  2. Select 'Can't find your address?'.
  3. Enter the full address.


Some rural addresses aren't serviced, but the vast majority of New Zealand is covered.

  • All prices shown are estimates, until the delivery address is confirmed.
  • The final price may differ – depending on the package, size, weight, recipient's address, and service type (e.g. signature).
  • If the final price is higher than your estimates, ask the buyer to pay the difference.

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