Book a courier

You can book a courier through the site for items you’ve sold, or if you have something else to send. You can have them picked up from any address, and it’s cheap, simple, and you can use almost any packaging. 

How it works

  1. Add a courier quote to your listing using the calculator during the listing process.
  2. Package the item and select ‘Book a courier’ from ‘My Trade Me’. You don’t need to print a label – just write it on the package.
  3. We'll send tracking information to you and your buyer (if you’re sending a Trade Me purchase).
  4. The courier will pick it up from the address – you don’t even need to be there!

Note: PO Box address cannot be used for pick up or delivery

Packaging your item

You must make sure your item is securely wrapped and won’t get damaged in transit. Here’s a few tips: 

  • Cardboard boxes, shoe boxes, or robust bags are good options. Wrapping in tissue paper or newspaper isn't suitable.
  • If you’re packaging with a bag make sure your parcel isn’t greater than 5 kg, and that the bag is the correct size.
  • If you're sending in a box, it shouldn’t be heavier than 25 kg or excessively large.

We also restrict some categories like firearms, plants and foodstuff.

Pick up

Pick up is Monday – Friday. If you’ve left clear, concise pick-up instructions and your parcel is secure and the correct size, you don’t need to be there when the courier arrives. If there’s trouble with your pick up or you need to adjust a booking, contact the courier directly – Fastway: 0800 327 8929, Courier Post: 0800 268 743.

If you choose to leave an item for pick up unattended, Trade Me, Courier Post and Fastway have no liability for loss or damage to the item until the courier has applied an electronic scan to the item.


Can you cancel or change a booking?

Contact the courier directly if you’ve made a mistake and need to cancel/change your booking. We'll refund the courier booking fee.

How much does it cost?

Non-rural shipping costs begin at $2.89.

The cost will vary depending on which package type you choose (box or bag), the size and weight of your parcel, the buyer’s address, and whether it requires a signature on delivery.

Your Trade Me account is charged for any bookings you make, and you can credit your account via credit or debit card as you’re booking a courier.

Why does the buyer pay a different price to what you’re paying?

During the listing process you're given a range of estimates. When it comes to booking the service the price is based on the buyer’s delivery address, so it can sometimes change.

Having issues confirming an address?

Try confirming the buyer’s address in Google – sometimes address formatting can be different to what the buyer provides. 

There are also some rural addresses where couriers can’t pick up, but the vast majority of New Zealand is covered.


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