Managing live listings

Editing listings

You can edit your auction if no bids have been placed. Multiple Quantity (MQLs) can be edited if no purchases have been made. Click 'Edit' next to your listing in your 'Items I'm selling' page to make changes.

If the reserve hasn't been met, you can adjust the pricing by clicking 'Edit pricing'. If bidding has started you can lower the reserve price to within $0.01 of the current bid.

You can update the pricing and quantity of MVLs and MQLs listings at any time, just click 'Edit pricing and quantity'.   

Switching between a classified and an auction

Currently, there's no way to switch between a classified and an auction from your listing, but if you get in touch and let us know what you're wanting to do, we can lend a hand.

Removing bids 

You're permitted to remove bids if the bidder requests you to or if the bid placed is unrealistic (i.e. placed by someone not genuinely interested in buying). To remove a bid, click the 'Remove lead bid' button on the auction details page.

If you're concerned about a member, you can stop them from participating in your auction (and any future auctions) by blacklisting them. 

Extending listings

For the majority of classified listings, in the last 72 hours, you can extend it for another duration, without paying another listing fee. If you choose to promote your ad, you'll be charged for the extras. To make sure you don't miss out, we'll send you an email when your listing is ready to extend. You can also extend from your 'Items I'm selling' page.

For Motors car listings created from 3 May 2019, the option to extend is no longer available. Instead, we’ve increased the initial listing length from 14 days to 90 days promotional extras will last the length of your listing. If your car hasn’t sold you can renew your listing for another 30 days for a reduced fee. Members who have listed seven or more vehicles in the previous 12 months or are RMVT registered are excluded.

Answering questions and placing seller comments

Buyers can ask you questions on auctions, MQLs, and Motors classifieds using the Q&A function. We'll email you when a question has been asked, and you can pop over to your listing to reply. Just type your answer in the 'Answer this question' box and click the 'Answer' button when you're done.

You can also place a seller comment in the Q&A to add extra information about your listing. 

Keep in mind, it's completely optional for you to reveal your reserve price, so please don't feel obligated to do so. If you receive a question you don't think is appropriate, feel free to let us know

Withdrawing listings

You can withdraw your listing from your 'Items I'm selling' page or the listing details page. You'll be asked to provide a reason why you're withdrawing your listing. Listings can't be removed in the last hour of an auction.

For the majority of auctions or MQL listings, once you've withdrawn they can't be relisted. You'll be charged a fee if your auction has been running for over an hour, which will be the higher of $3, or the applicable success fee from the above table if the item sells.

For Motors car auction and classified listings created from 3 May 2019, there are no fees for withdrawing. Members who have listed seven or more vehicles in the previous 12 months or are RMVT registered are excluded.

There are no fees for withdrawing MQLs or classified listings.

Note: running an auction demonstrates an intention to sell using the auction process. Any sale completed outside of this process is in breach of the Trade Me terms and conditions.


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