Managing live listings

Editing auction details

To edit your listing, select 'Edit' from your listing details page.

If the reserve hasn't been met, you can:

  • add/adjust a Buy Now
  • edit payment and shipping options
  • add additional photos 
  • promote your listing
  • lower the reserve price to within $0.01 of the current bid.

You can update the pricing and quantity of MQLs listings at any time, by selecting 'Edit pricing and quantity'.   

Removing bids 

As a seller, remove bids by selecting 'Remove lead bid' on the listing details page. 

Sellers are obliged to remove a bid when asked to do so within reasonable notice from the close of the auction.

You can also blacklist any member you don’t want to trade with. 

Seller comments and Q&A

You can place a comment in the Q&A section to add extra info – jump into your listing and pick ‘Add a comment’.  

Sellers can’t remove questions or answers from their listings, but if there’s something you want to change or remove, get in touch.

Withdrawing listings

To remove a listing from the site, select ‘Withdraw’ from the listing details page. Once an auction is withdrawn, it can’t be relisted. 

You can do this within the first hour for free, all listings fees will also be refunded. After that, you'll be charged a fee –  the higher of $3, or the applicable success fee if the item were to sell. Classifieds are always free to withdraw. 

Listings can’t be withdrawn in the last hour.

Extending classifieds 

For most classified listings, in the last 72 hours, you can extend for a 14 day duration – from 'Items I'm selling'.

Note: promotional extras are not carried over, except on Property listings.

Service listings will auto extend and charge an automatic listing fee. You can opt-out of this from listing detail page.

If you miss the 72 hour extension slot, you can always relist.


If you need to edit auction details, remove bids, place comments in the Q&A, withdraw or extend a listing – we can help.

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