Shipping & pick-up options

Learn more about what shipping and delivery options mean.

Book_a_courier_-_12.svg All you need to know about the shipping and delivery options on your listing.



Shipping options will show on your listing, and are selected by the buyer when they place a bid, use Buy Now, or Make an Offer.

  • Free shipping
    Shipping won't be charged. Buyers are able to filter search results by free shipping only.

  • Calculate courier costs
    Get a Book a Courier estimate for your item. These rates will be available for buyers to choose from.
    Learn more.

  • Specify shipping costs
    Enter multiple custom shipping rates – which will be available for buyers to choose from.

  • I don't know yet
    Displays 'Arrange with seller' on your listing.

  • Delivery timeframes and combined shipping
    Shipping Templates are available on My Products and Tradevine.
    Learn more.


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Pick-up options

  • Buyer must pick up.
  • Buyer can pick up.
  • No pick-up.

Pick-up location

Pick-up location is set by your profile's selling location.

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Get Book a Courier estimates

Get estimates to send items using our Book a Courier service. Price estimates don't include packaging.

  1. Select Calculate courier costs during the listing process.
  2. Select your package type, and enter the details.
  3. Choose your preferred courier, or 'Best price'.
  4. Select Calculate best courier price cost.


  • All prices shown are estimates, until the delivery address is confirmed.
  • The final price may vary – depending on the package, size, weight, recipient's address, and service type (e.g. signature).
  • If the final price is higher than your estimates, you can ask the buyer to cover the difference.

Learn more about Book a Courier.

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